Our school was named in honor of Albert Chester “Chet” Redshaw, one of New Brunswick’s finest teachers for over 41 years.   A.C. Redshaw was hailed statewide  as a championship coach in a variety of sports.

A.C. Redshaw’s mascot is the unusual Zebra, who is strong and resilient. Redshaw provides many outstanding activities and programs for our Zebras that will enhance moral and social character, enable students to recognize their own self-worth while appreciating the worth of others. We give students the opportunity to develop strong interpersonal skills along with a sense of integrity so that they are better prepared to contribute to a global environment.

In 2006, A. C. Redshaw was moved to a temporary “swing space” facility with the expectation and promise that a brand new, state of the art school would be built on Redshaw’s Livingston Avenue site, within walking distance from the heart of culturally rich downtown New Brunswick.

A.C. Redshaw is the second largest elementary school in New Brunswick. It has a staff of one hundred ten servicing approximately seven hundred-fifty students. Included are Speech Teachers, a World Language Teacher, Special Education and ESL Teachers, a Guidance Counselor, Librarian, Social Worker as well as Math and Language Arts Literacy specialists.

A.C. Redshaw School services Monolingual, Bilingual and Special Education students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Remedial support is provided for students in need of basic skills improvement. An ESL program is offered as well.

The foundation of Redshaw School rests upon an elementary program within which the Core Curriculum Content Standards are addressed. Students in grades one through five are taught Spanish culture and language in our World Language curriculum. Exploratory opportunities are provided to meet the challenge of a widening range of interests and needs. Our building has one full-size computer lab and one media center equipped with computers for student use. Classrooms are equipped with 1-3 internet-assessed computers.  Teachers also have the use of two smart boards and two mobile laptop carts to enhance instruction and improve the learning experience of students. Our vision is to bring the world of information technology and learning into the classroom and transform it into a technologically rich environment.