In the heart of the City of New Brunswick, lies the gem, A.C. Redshaw School.  Albert Chester Redshaw, a former New Brunswick teacher and championship leading coach of 41 years, totes the eponym of our beloved A.C. Redshaw School.  Our student body boasts a richly diverse population, teetering around 1,000 learners in grades Pre-K to 5 that has representation from an array of countries.  This makes our school one in which students learn acceptance of differences and how to function in a multicultural, multiethnic environment.

Grazing on the African Serengeti, we can find one of the most majestic, powerful and resilient animals that thrives in any season - the zebra.  This amazing animal aptly represents A.C. Redshaw as its mascot.  It rightfully conveys the resilience and diligence of our students. 

Redshaw provides many outstanding activities and programs for its students that enhance moral and social character and enable students to recognize their own self-worth while appreciating the worth of others. Through our robust curriculum, we ensure that students have the opportunity and resources to develop strong interpersonal skills and a sense of integrity, preparing them to become beacons of innovation, intellect and leadership, in the world.

As a reflection of our culturally rich student and staff body, members of the school community enjoy exposure to a variety of programs.  The curricula is aligned to New Jersey Student Learning Standards. College and career readiness begin as students enter as preschoolers. Our full day Pre- K program, supported by Tools of the Mind Curriculum, is progressive, and the content is presented with an integrated developmental approach that allows each learner to become a part of the school community. All students are engaged in stimulating learning experiences that are enhanced with the use of advance technologies, such as Chromebooks, Smart Boards, Smart Tables, and desktop computers. The underscore of infusing technology into teaching is an emphasis on developing research and exploratory skills. As students continue in their journey of evolving research skills, the media center is an essential component in this process. 

Within the walls of our school lies devoted staff members and devoted parents. We have committees that work to include our parents and community members in school activities, including our highly successful Superhero Day, where parents are taught reading strategies and model them in the classroom through read-alouds, as reading superheroes. Our parents are actively involved in the PTO, Family STEAM Night, Family Math and Literacy Nights and other school sponsored events.

Outside of the classroom, we provide our students additional opportunities to grow, through several clubs and activities that include our enriching instrumental music program, Safety Patrol, Dance Power, and Yearbook Club.  Our Extended School Day Program focuses on academic success of our children through the use of small group instruction that targets specific needs in language arts and mathematics. Youth Services System is an after school program that provides a sundry of activities for students that involve homework assistance, sports, exercises, arts, crafts and more.  

At A.C. Redshaw School, our holistic approach to education engenders life-long learners who are ready to leave their footprints as remarkable leaders in the world. 


Ms. Vikki Abdus-Salaam, Principal

732-745-5300 x7500