Vision StatementTop of Page

The vision of A.C Redshaw Elementary School, an innovative, dynamic, and diverse learning environment, is to empower all students to attain a strong academic foundation along with strong character that will enable them to be responsible and effective leaders within their community and beyond. Redshaw Elementary School students will be encouraged to exceed expectations, make great choices and exercise their voices and agency regularly.

In partnership with administrators, teachers, parents and the school community we will work collaboratively on ensuring that all Redshaw students develop 21st Century skills as well as a profound desire to become life-long learners and leaders.


Mission StatementTop of Page

The mission of A.C. Redshaw School is to promote and sustain the development of our diverse population of learners with opportunities that will continue to improve and expand their academic and social skills. Through collaboration and cooperative efforts of our entire school community, a strong academic and social curriculum will be advocated. Fostering an interactive environment, which encourages life-long learning, respect and creativity, prepares A.C. Redshaw students to become responsible citizens equipped to meet the challenges of the 21st century.