In 2008, A.C. Redshaw parents adopted a uniform dress code policy. All students are expected to wear our uniform everyday unless a “dress down” day is designated by the principal. The uniform options are:
Uniform Shirts: Long or short sleeved “polo style” shirts in yellow, light blue or shirts. (3 buttons)
Girls: Skirts, shorts, skorts, jumpers or slacks in khaki or navy blue colors.
Boys: Slacks in khaki or navy blue colors.
Turtleneck sweater may be worn, but it must match the color shirt. The shirts may not have images, logos, stripes, and must be tucked into pants/skirts.
Blue jeans are not allowed for boys or girls.
If the purchase of the school uniform is a financial hardship, please contact the guidance counselor to inquire about financial assistance.
Uniform Rule Infractions:
1st: Parents are notified by phone and/or letter.
2nd: Student is given recess detention.
3rd: Student is assigned to after school detention.