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Poetry, a song for the soul and a mirror to our hearts. Our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders participated in a Poetry Out Loud Contest. They were required to memorize and recite an original or published poem. And, oh how terrific they did! Several recited some very long poems and many of our beloved poets were showcased: Shel Silverstein, Maya Angelou and Kenn Nesbitt, to name a few. 

Our winners were:

For 3rd grade: First place: in Ms. Ramierez’s class – Roxana Martinez
                      Second place: in Ms. Wright’s class – Leslye Lopez
                      Third place: in Ms. Wann’s class – Brenda Torres
For 4th grade: First place: in Ms. Dell’Aquila’s class – Emely Morales
                      Second place: in Ms. Chodkiewicz class – Christopher Oseguera
                      Third place: in Ms. Vega’s class – Gerald Mejia
For 5th grade: First place: in Ms. Favours class – Kayla Jones
                      Second place: in Mr. Sherief’s class – Yoeliza Reyes
                      Third place: in Ms. DeStephanis’s class – Da’Nasia Golden

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Teacher of the Year
2015 - 2016
Ms. Hassana Williams
Educational Support Person of the Year
2015 - 2016
Mr. Nate Waller, Security Guard 

Reading CaféTop of Page

Since reading is an essential skill, we not only teach it at A.C. Redshaw School, but we foster a desire to read. The Reading Café promotes reading for enjoyment. It fulfills part of the balanced literacy model of reading and discussing literature. We have created a relaxing and serene environment for students to curl up with their favorite books, sip on hot chocolate and escape into the distant world created by the author of their books.

Math Field DayTop of Page

On May 26th and May 31st the students in grade Pre-K through 2nd participated in Redshaw's first ever Math Field Day. Students were engaged in fun and educational activity stations. Students worked alongside their teacher and fourth grade assistants to complete the following stations:

Math Craft: Where students created Fact Family Flowers and Favorite Number Lady Bugs

Number Line Scramble: Students unscrambled a mixed-up number line and hung the digits in the proper order.

Parachute Math: Students were assigned a number and teachers wrote down equations. Students whose assigned number match the answer to the equation ran under the parachute. 

Number Duck Chase: Students went on a hunt to visually identify a number or locate the answer to an equation.

Math Sorting Bin: Students worked with their teachers to sort math objects based on color, shape, and  number of sides.

Bean Bag Toss: Students took turns throwing bean bags. Then, they added or subtracted the numbers on the corresponding holes in which the bean bags landed.