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A Message from the Principal

Greetings and welcome to the website of Redshaw School! Please feel free to browse through our website. This website is another way to improve communication at our school.  Here you can find meaningful school information, school policies and procedures, monthly calendar of events, special activities, and links to excellent educational resources. We hope the information on our website gives you an understanding of what is taking place at Redshaw School.

As we look forward to another school year, it is our belief that all students can learn and we are committed to providing opportunities for them to reach their highest potential to prepare them to become lifelong learners and productive members of our community. Our staff is committed to developing young minds and providing the best possible educational experience. Our teachers genuinely care for children. Through the combined efforts of our school, parents and New Brunswick community, we can make a difference in the lives of our students and give them a chance to succeed and thrive.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our school. I look forward to working with you and your children during the 2016-2017 school year.

Vikki Abdus-Salaam

Student of the Month!

October Winners!

Congratulations to our winners!
Pre-K: Joel Espana - Ms. Mc Farlane's Class
Ivan Betancourt - Ms. Protocollo's Class
Diana Galindo - Ms. Delucci's Class
Kimberly Ramirez - Ms. Zaro's Class
Daneliss Jaacquez - Ms. Zinna's Class
Levy Perez - Ms. Vasile's Class
Anthony Vasquez - Ms. Steiger's Class
Eduardo Gomez - Ms. Cahill's Class
Shawn Jackson - Ms. Leal's Class
Mariely Nunez - Ms. Schiller's Class
Kindergarten: Marilyn Arizmendi - Ms. Gaona's Class
1st Grade: Cindy Benitez - Mrs. Huynh's Class
2nd Grade: Greysdi Melgar - Mr. Guardado's Class
3rd Grade: Denilson Isaula - Mrs. Dupree's Class
4th Grade: Amir Belnavis - Ms. Chodkiewicz's Class
5th Grade: Elainy Villa - Ms. Rosa's Class

Kindergarten Nominees

Congratulations to our nominees!
John Rosa - Ms. Bates' Class
Alma Garcia - Ms. Blake's Class
Nayeli Cruz - Ms. Cicero's Class
Paris Vasquez - Ms. Cohen's Class
Jacqueline Pimentel - Mr. Fuentes' Class
Josepf Martinez - Ms. Valdez's Class

1st Grade Nominees

Congratulations to our nominees!
Nilson Banegas - Mrs. Ceballos' Class
Naomy Cruz - Ms. Slattery's Class
Alondra Martinez - Ms. Howard's Class
Sharon Arizmendi - Mrs. Roldan's Class
Kaylie Bautista - Ms. Sotomayor's Class

2nd Grade Nominees

Congratulations to our nominees!
Ashley Fernandez - Mrs. Adams' Class
Diego Osorio - Mr. Nelson's Class
Michelle Guerrero - Mrs. Gumm's Class
Allison Martinez - Ms. Parris' Class
Alexis Hernandez - Ms. Felson's Class
Lesly Cortez - Ms. Smith's Class

3rd Grade Nominees

Congratulations to our nominees!
Darwin Lucero - Mrs. Eisenberger's Class
Belem Campuzano - Mrs. Hairston's Class
Eirene Gijon - Mr. Miller's Class
Omar Cruz - Ms. Kolesnik's Class
Samantha Godinez - Ms. Wright's Class
Heny Guevara - Mrs. Ramirez's Class
Genesis Tobar - Ms. Wann's Class

4th Grade Nominees

Congratulations to our nominees! 
Kevin Castillo - Ms. Keenan's Class
Alexander Vinas - Ms. Vega's Class
Libni Gijon - Ms Maisonable's Class
Christopher Martinez - Mrs. Dell'Aquilla's Class
Akari Perez - Mr. Sandoval's Class

5th Grade Nominees

Congratulations to our nominees!
Alan Iracheta - Mrs. Favours' Class
Geovanny Solis - Mr. Sherief's Class
Angeles Romero - Ms. Stovall's Class
Jasson Aguilar - Ms. DeStephanis' Class
Yennis Rodriguez - Ms. Capote's Class
Leonardo Marin - Ms. Infante-Acosta's Class